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Document Services
Welcome to Document Services, your home for high quality Printing and Duplication services.

Are you new to our Online Printing Services?
Click on the Getting Started link below. It includes important information on obtaining an account, Installing our Print Driver, and identifies the minimum requirements for your computer.

Get our SurePDF Driver for accurate printing, every time!
If you have not already installed our SurePDF Print Driver on your computer, click on the link below to get started. Using our Print Driver ensures that your document prints accurately, exactly the way it appears on your Windows or Mac application.

Contact Information
Mark Hoskins - 607-766-3923
Duplication Center - 607-766-3921
Email for help at cwhite@btboces.org

Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

In August we will be upgrading to Webcrd version 10, which will contain many new features for you! The site will look different on the inside but will function the same, but with a new and improved preview option!

Everyone else please just login using your school email address. PLEASE EMAIL cwhite@btboces.org and let him know you set up an account so he can activate it. Thank you.